Directional Australian based footwear brand, SENSO, continues to dazzle fans with its latest efforts and offerings. In its newest incarnation, The Sydney based operation, is currently expanding to worldwide sales, opening branch offices in the UK and the US.

This family-run business is small and hard working. It's continuous search for inspiration is reflected in their designs, resulting in constant change from season to season.

The Senso style is inspired by the classic yet obsure, whilst still firmly staying true to the brands roots of effortless fashion ease. With its firm focus on high quality leathers and strong silhouettes. Styles range from the very flat to the ridiculously high but always contrasting a relaxed aeasthetic with a subtle sense of luxury.

Comprised of wearable wardrobe staples and eye-catching shapes and treatments, the Sydney based and family operated company, continues to offer their own take on classic footwear, while continually punching it up with new takes on collection favorites, updated essentials and a continued commitment to amazing quality, comfort and style.


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