J Brand

Denim manufacturer Jeff Rudes teams up with Celebrity stylist Susie Crippen. The two set out to create a classic and sophisticated jean with the emphasis on fit while tending to one mandate; no excess hardware or embellishments. Paying attention to stitching details and clean dark finishes, together hey have created a combination of sexiness and style in a women’s jean while allowing the woman to feel comfortable.

“It’s about a women looking beautiful in her jeans, not the jean drawing attention to her” says Susie J Brand continues to show leadership in the retail market with the introduction of their new wide leg styles. The new styles have been a tremendous hit with celebrities like Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz and Katie Holmes, as well as with top fashion editors at Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. The collection are most recently known for their coloured and print jeans which are huge trends moving forward.


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